Voit or Hiura

The Brewers have to decide on whether to keep Luke Voit or let him go to a different team. They also have to make the decision on whether or now to keep taking chance after chance that Keston Hiura is finally going to figure it all out.

Voit vs Huira:

Decent but not an outstanding fielder, never has been... simply adequate. KH has no position because he's proven not to even be adequate at either 1B, 2B, or the little time he's been in the OF.

Both have a tendency to be a strict pull hitter that will go into bad streaks at the plate but Voit's hot streaks may make up for that.

LV doesn't strikeout as much as KH, but who in baseball does?

No speed for either so that's moot.

Both have been on winning teams but neither have factored into that success for the most part. Neither are what you'd call leaders.

Both out of options and neither with big contracts.

I was a huge believer in KH when he came up and for a year and a half he was dealing. Then he stopped. Abruptly. Completely. How many chance does he get?

Voit has his flaws but he's a better player than KH and I for one would rather see Voit play this year than KH for the Brewers.