Week 3 Results and Week 4 Link: Brewers Opening Day Roster Prediction Survey

Yet another week of Spring Training in the books and another release of the Opening Day Survey results. Center fielder Owen Miller finds his way onto the roster, joining new lock Mike Brosseau, Tyler Naquin and Luke Voit. Voit has taken a resounding lead over Hiura. Naquin barely holding onto the final spot. In the pitching realm, we have the same 4: Strzlecki, Guerra, Wilson and Payamps with Gus Varland sent back to LA and Cousins and Miller optioned. Below are the complete results. Here is the link to the Week 4 survey:


Changes for the next survey are: Joey Wiemer and Robert Stock removed for receiving 0 votes. If you want them added back, pick them in the "other category." Mike Brosseau was unanimous, and will be added as a lock. I was probably too generous with locks and too quick with the removal in this case, but I decided to have a process to keep my own bias from the survey and that process was: unanimous and you're a lock, 0 votes and you're removed. If I do it again next year I might switch to the same rules but on consecutive weeks.