Use your knowledge, guile, and prognostication to win a prize! Year #3

Welcome back BCBers! Last year's winner, Rock, Chalk, Brewhawk, was willing to forgo collecting the steel penny last year, so it is once again up for grabs. Please submit your guesses in the comments section and remember that it you select Other you need to put who you think it will be. So without further ado, here are this year's questions:

#1 Who will lead the Brewers in innings pitched this year?

A. Burnes

B. Woodruff

C. Peralta

D. Lauer

E. Other

#2 Who will log the most innings at 3rd base this year?

A. Urias

B. Anderson

C. Brosseau

D. Turang

E. Other

#3 Who will be the first Brewer on the OD roster to be traded, DFAed, or returned to their Rule 5 team?

A. Varland

B. B. Wilson

C. T. Taylor

D. Guerra

E. Other

#4 Who will lead the Brewers in plate appearances this year?

A. Yelich

B. Contreras

C. Adames

D. Urias

E. Other

#5 Who will have the most innings pitched out of the bullpen?

A. Houser

B. Guerra

C. Milner

D. Williams

E. Other

#6 Who will have a greater OPS+ at the end of the season?

A. Hunter Renfroe

B. Jesse Winker

#7 How many HRs will Yelich hit this year?

A. Under 10

B. 11-15

C. 16-20

D. 21-25

E. Greater than 25

#8 Who will be the Brewer who DHes for the 2nd most amount of games?

A. Winker

B. Yelich

C. Tellez

D. Contreras

E. Other

#9 Who will be the Brewers' HR leader this year?

A. Contreras

B. Winker

C. Yelich

D. Tellez

E. Other

#10 Who will have the 2nd most saves for the Brewers this year?

A. Williams

B. Varland

C. Houser

D. Payamps

E. Other

Tie Breaker: How many wins will Eric Lauer get this year?