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Shirts featuring “The Freshmen” available now

Rookie trio of Mitchell, Wiemer, and Turang are now featured on a new Breaking T shirt

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The Brewers latest group of rookies features some firestarters on both offense and defense. Between Garrett Mitchell, Joey Wiemer, and Brice Turang, Milwaukee has three players who will hopefully form the future core of the team.

Through the first eight games of the season, all three have added significant value to a 6-2 Brewers team. Mitchell is slashing .333/.385/.833 with three homers, including a walk-off homer to beat the Mets Wednesday, Wiemer is slashing .333/.407/.542 with a homer and a hit in each of his seven games, and Turang is slashing .316/.435/.526 with a grand slam in Monday’s 10-0 victory over the Mets.

Now, thanks to our friends at Breaking T, you can commemorate the group, nicknamed “The Freshmen,” on a brand new shirt.

Milwaukee’s freshmen are playing like anything but!

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Follow the link below to get “The Freshman” t-shirt today!


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