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Brewers release 2024 season schedule

The Brewers will start and end the season against the Mets

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Milwaukee Brewers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

As the All-Star break comes to an end, MLB is looking ahead to the 2024 season. The full schedule for the 2024 MLB regular season was released yesterday, which included the Brewers’ schedule.

Here are some of the highlights from the schedule:

  • The Brewers will start the season in New York against the Mets on March 28, 30, and 31. They will also end the season hosting the Mets on September 27-29.
  • The home opener is a few days later, on April 2 against the Twins. They’ll play a two-game series against the Twins and then three against the Mariners in the opening home stand.
  • The first month plus of the season features interleague opponents for four of the first five home series. (Twins, Mariners, Yankees, Rays)
  • Conversely, the Brewers first series against each NL Central opponent is on the road, and the first home series against an NL Central opponent is May 9-12 against the Cardinals.
  • At the end of May, the Brewers will host a Chicago week, with four against the Cubs and three against the White Sox.
  • The Brewers will get a five-day All-Star break as their first series coming out of the break is a two-game series against the Twins.
  • The Brewers longest homestand is August 9-18 (Reds, Dodgers, Guardians). Their longest road trip is May 17-26 (Astros, Marlins, Red Sox).
  • As scheduled, the Brewers won’t play more than 13 days in a row. However, the Brewers have three different stretches of 13 in a row right next to each other. Between April 5 and May 15, the Brewers will play on 39 of those 41 days. In fact, after the April 4 off day, the Brewers will have just four off days between April 5 and June 5.