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MLB releases new prospect lists, with five Brewers in top 100

Jackson Chourio remains at No. 2 as four Brewers slot in the top 40

Syndication: Journal Sentinel Curt Hogg / Milwaukee Journal Sentinel / USA TODAY NETWORK released the latest prospect lists on Thursday evening, with Milwaukee’s top prospect slotting in at No. 2 and five Brewers making it into the top 100 prospects in all of baseball.

Jackson Chourio remains at No. 2 overall in the latest list, followed by fellow prospects Sal Frelick (No. 22), Jeferson Quero (No. 34), Jacob Misiorowski (No. 38), and Tyler Black (No. 56).

While all five of those players were already in the latest version of the MLB top 100, Quero, Misiorowski, and Black all jumped in the rankings. Quero moved from No. 68 to No. 34, Misiorowski moved from No. 81 to No. 38, and Black moved from No. 91 to No. 56. Frelick fell from No. 16 to No. 22, primarily due to the additions of players from the latest MLB Draft.

The top five prospects in Milwaukee’s system did not change order, but the back half of the team’s top 10 did. Robert Gasser, previously the team’s No. 7 prospect, moved up to No. 6, and Carlos F. Rodriguez moved from No. 10 to No. 7. Draft picks Brock Wilken (No. 18 overall pick) and Cooper Pratt (sixth-round pick) both joined the top 10 at No. 8 and No. 10, respectively. 18-year-old outfielder and 2022 international signee Luis Lara was the other addition to the top 10, slotting in at No. 9.

Abner Uribe, Eric Brown Jr., and Robert Moore all fell out of the top 10, moving to No. 11, No. 12, and No. 17, respectively.

Other 2023 draft picks to join the team’s top 30 include Eric Bitonti (third-round pick, No. 13 prospect), Josh Knoth (competitive balance pick, No. 16 prospect), Mike Boeve (second-round pick, No. 18 prospect), and Bishop Letson (11th-round pick, No. 27 prospect).

To view the full top 100 prospects list, click here. To view the Brewers top 30 prospects list, click here.