Steaming Mug - Super Bowl Sunday

Didja miss me? I somehow got locked out a while back. I'm hoping it wasn't intentional because my Steaming Mugs were competing too much with the front page!'s bizarro Eddie, who isn't any more bizarre than the original. I'm willing to give the powers that be the benefit of the doubt, but on the other hand nobody has responded to my application to Harrison to put the Steaming Mug up daily as well as do game recaps (nobody wants to do game recaps, in case you were wondering). So this might just be the last Mug, if my paranoia is not paranoia.

Anyways...I like the current signings. The pitching staff, however, is set up with a lot of starters that certainly should never face hitters a third time, and maybe not a second time. Some may turn out to be unable to face any hitters effectively at all. If MLB rules still allowed 14 man staffs and 10 day stays in the minors that might not be an issue, but they don't, and it might be.

Still not sure if I'm watching that football game tonight. But I really don't have anything better to do.