Cyber Goofpal Explains the Corbin Burns Trade

Honk, honk!

As most of you know I've spent the last couple of years learning the intricacies of the MLB, specifically those of the Milwaukee Brewers.

This week threw me for a loop. I received a notification of the Brewers' trade and my first reaction was "They got Who???"

So I looked it up and the Orioles got Corbin Burnes. Turns out he is a pretty big deal. In return the Brewers got two guys who are BLR (Black Labrador Retrievers) as well as a draft pick (#34, so, Rollie Fingers).

As you can imagine everyone on X (formerly Twitter and The Artist known as Prince) were angry. Not because of this trade, but because it is a requirement to post on the site. The said things like "This return is too light"; "Why don't they just sell the team"; and "Click here for hot Christian Singles in your area".

To avoid all of this negativity and get some real perspective, I went to that bastion of sanity and reasonable discourse, Brew Crew Ball. Shockingly, Taylor Bolden liked the trade and leche010 did not.

An already positive outcome of the trade is that it brought some new posters to the site. "Jacob.Szukalski" is a newish poster with a highly creative handle. Jacob (if that is your real name), this was your opportunity to be called whatever you want like Princess Counsuela Banana Hammock or Crap Bag. It's too late now, unless you create an alternate profile, and who has time for that. Sidebar: If your comment is going to be somewhere in the bajillion word variety, this Fanpost area makes for a nice tool.

Speaking of tools, we also got the musings of "daily" (Member since February 2nd 2024). Looking forward to a lot more patently false postings from you in the future daily. Welcome!

But all of this nonsense avoids the true point here: How can the Burns trade drive so many comments on BCB yet leave unscathed? The world may never know.

As Rickie Weeks once said (before he refused to play the outfield) Lets Fucking GO!!!!