The Steaming Mug - Mon., Feb. 5th

Good morning! What with both of the Corbin Burnes trade discussion threads well over 800 comments, it's time for the mug to come to the rescue! If we haven't said everything that needs to be said about the deal with the Orioles, it's pretty damn close.'s on to what's next.

The Brewers could stand pat, and maybe sign a fringe starter to fill out their depth in the rotation. But said rotation looks to be significantly weaker than in the past half decade. Getting Joey Ortiz makes the trading of Willy Adames a stronger possibility, as Willy is in the same contract situation as Burnes, and if he hasn't signed an extension yet, I find it unlikely that he will. I'm figuring a deal is a distinct possibility.

Miami seems like a natural fit. They have a need at short and depth in their rotation, even with Alcantara out for the season. Adames is a known name from his time with Tampa. Willy's intangibles make his trade value hard to quantify. But I'm going to just use the Trade Value levels and ignore the leadership qualities. I come up with Willy and Elvis Peguero as a fair deal to acquire starting pitcher Edward Cabrera. If the Marlins covet Adames, perhaps Willy and the recently acquired draft pick from Baltimore would be enough.

What say you? Please share other ideas! You can even say NO DEAL to any talk of trading Willy. I won't mind.