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Brew Crew Ball Book Club

A place to discuss the books we're reading as part of the site community.

10 things I learned in the 2016 BP Annual

Books are good and you should read them

REVIEW: "This Is Your Brain on Sports"

Wertheim and Sommers' new book on psychology and sports is an occasionally interesting meandering read across a variety of topics.

Book Review: 100 Things Brewers Fans Should Know

Book reviews return to BCB with this short book treat from 2013 that should get people ready for the season.

The new art in my office is awesome.

If a cool piece of Brewer-themed art is just the Fathers Day gift you've been looking for, I have a couple I've been meaning to recommend for a while now.

Book Review: Closer; Kevin Neary, Leigh A. Tobin

An oral history of closing and closers, featuring a lot of former and current Brewers. Here, closers ARE things.

Book Review: Root for the Home Team, Tim Hagerty

Ever wonder where some of those minor league team names came from? Wonder no more.

REVIEW: Baseball State By State

Seamheads author Chris Jensen's new book is one of the most thorough compilations of lists you'll ever see.

Book Review: Andy Strasberg's "Baseball Fantography"

Brew Crew Ball Book Club: The Extra 2% Chapters 7-9 Discussion

BCB Book Club: The Extra 2% Chapters 7-9

Brew Crew Ball Book Club Meeting #2: Discussing Chapters 4-6 Of The Extra 2%

Brew Crew Ball Book Club: The Extra 2% Chapters 1-3 Discussion