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Brewers A-Z

PROGRAMMING NOTE: After over 500 installments spanning two seasons and a full offseason, there are some days where I've exhausted all of the available content for Today In Brewer History. Brewers A-Z is a supplemental feature to help fill in the gaps in our historical calendar.

Brewers A-Z: Bryan Clutterbuck

This two-time Brewer is one of two former Brewers from Eastern Michigan University

Brewers A-Z: Mark Clear

This reliever was only a Brewer for three seasons, but appeared on a lot of baseball cards.

Brewers A-Z: Jeff Cirillo

With all due respect to Paul Molitor and Don Money, it's possible this '90's and '00s Brewer was the franchise's greatest third baseman.

Brewers A-Z: Rick Cerone

Better remembered as a Yankee, he was the Brewers' primary catcher in 1986.

Brewers A-Z: Bill Castro

The surprisingly underrated reliever spent most of 40 years with the organization as a player and coach.

Brewers A-Z: Juan Castillo

The second baseman spent his entire major league career as a 1980's Brewer.

Brewers A-Z: Tom Candiotti

Before he was one of the game's best knuckleballers, Candiotti was a 1983-84 Brewer.

Brewers A-Z: Robinson Cancel

Depending on how you want to look at it, Cancel has spent either 12 years or 45 games as a major leaguer.

Brewers A-Z: George Canale

Canale appeared in just 44 games as a Brewer, but is forever immortalized on a baseball card.

Brewers A-Z: Mike Caldwell

Caldwell may be the most underrated Brewer pitcher of all time.

Brewers A-Z: Ray Burris

I think this 1980's Brewer would be better remembered if he'd gone with his given name, Bertram Burris.

Brewers A-Z: Kevin Brown

No, not THAT Kevin Brown.

Brewers A-Z: Mark Brouhard

The platoon outfielder played part-time for parts of six Brewer seasons, including two postseason campaigns.

Brewers A-Z: Greg Brock

The somewhat light-hitting first baseman played 517 of his 1013 career games as a Brewer.

Brewers A-Z: Glenn Braggs

The former second round pick patrolled the outfield in Milwaukee for five seasons.

Brewers A-Z: Chris Bosio

The former Brewer and coach is one of just five Milwaukee pitchers to throw 230 innings in one of the last 20 seasons.

Brewers A-Z: Ricky Bones

The Puerto Rican pitcher was an All Star in 1994.

Brewers A-Z: Mike Birkbeck

An impressive mustache might be the most notable thing here.

Brewers A-Z: Dwight Bernard

Bernard only made 57 career appearances as a Brewer, but his 1982 performances won't soon be forgotten.

Brewers A-Z: Ronnie Belliard

The utility infielder got his 13-year major league career started as a Brewer.

Brewers A-Z: George Bamberger

Bamberger may not have been the Brewers' winningest manager, but he was one of the most memorable.

Brewers A-Z: Jay Aldrich

The 1987-89 Brewer is the subject of the latest installment in our new occasional feature taking a deeper look at former Brewers I've pulled out of a stack of old baseball cards.

Brewers A-Z: Jim Adduci

Today we're kicking off a new occasional feature taking a deeper look at former Brewers I've pulled out of a stack of old baseball cards.


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