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Conversation Starters

Looking back at the top prospects in Brewers history

I’ve combed through the numbers in search of a definitive list of the top five prospects in Brewers history

Infield shifting restrictions will not benefit Christian Yelich

The new positioning rule won’t help Yelich because he was never a consistent victim of the shift

ZiPS projections released for 2023 Milwaukee Brewers

Corbin Burnes, Willy Adames project as Milwaukee’s top players

Taking a look at Milwaukee’s best free agent signings

In 50-plus years of history, a few key signings stand out among the rest

Ranking the top trades in Brewers history

So many impactful trades have been made in Brewers history, but three stand out among the rest

New-look Brewers bullpen addresses last season’s lack of velocity

Matt Arnold has added some power arms to what was one of baseball’s softest-tossing bullpens last season

MVBrewers #3: Brandon Woodruff

Woodruff was one of the best starting pitchers in baseball from late June through the rest of the season

MVBrewers #4: Hunter Renfroe

His combination of power at the plate and strength in the outfield lands Renfroe at number four on our list

Milwaukee Brewers Trade Candidates: Outfield

How can the Brewers improve on their self-proclaimed area of strength?

Trade Analysis: Brewers place faith in Jesse Winker’s bat in two-player return for Kolten Wong

The Brewers now have uncertainty at second base, but they added a big bat to their lineup

Milwaukee Brewers Trade Candidates: Infielders

Could we see a fan favorite infielder dealt this off-season?

Milwaukee Brewers Trade Candidates: Starting Pitchers

Could the Brewers deal from their starting rotation this winter?

Trade Analysis: Brewers use Hunter Renfroe to bolster pitching depth, but they cannot replace his bat internally

After they traded one of their best offensive players from 2022, the focus shifts to Milwaukee’s follow-up moves

Milwaukee Brewers Non-Tender Candidates

Which players might the Brewers cut loose rather than tender a new contract?

Brewers opt for proven commodity at second base by exercising Kolten Wong’s 2023 option

The Brewers could have looked elsewhere to fill second base but feel Wong remains the best fit

Takeaways from Mark Attanasio’s fan Q&A session

The Brewers owner touched on prospects, payroll concerns, and the organization’s plan for winning a World Series

David Stearns steps down, but the Brewers will continue on the path he established

Think of the transition from Stearns to Matt Arnold as a passing of the torch rather than a change in direction

After missing out on a bite of the apple in 2022, Brewers management must reflect and adapt

The front office must assess why things went wrong and work to ensure that it does not happen again next season

Poll: Grading the performance of Craig Counsell and David Stearns so far in 2022

It’s been a rough season for Counsell and Stearns. How would you grade their season, and should they remain?

Eric Lauer’s comments on the Josh Hader trade reflect poorly on Brewers leadership

The process behind trading Hader is sound, but there are signs that the front office botched the communication with the clubhouse

Brewers players and staff react to the Josh Hader trade

The Josh Hader trade was a shock to many of the players on the team, and they have differing reactions to the move

Poll: Brewers midseason evaluation

The Brewers will hit the midseason point next week, so let’s get a look at what you think about the team

It’s make or break time for Christian Yelich

Yelich began the year at his best and has since been at his worst. The rest of the first half will shed light on what kind of player he is moving forward.

The Brew Crew Ball Weekly Mailbag is back!

Leave your Brewers questions in the comments below or on Twitter for a chance to have them answered on Friday

More Than Just A Name: Get to know Brewers rookie Jason Alexander

After becoming just the 10th Brewer to go seven innings in a debut, could this become the Summer of Jason?

What to expect from Ethan Small

Small carved up hitters in the minor leagues, but his development is far from complete

Brewers’ pitching development system always ran deeper than Derek Johnson

While rebuilding Reds staff is struggling, Milwaukee’s pitching is even better than it was when Johnson left.

Close win against Phillies exemplifies Brewers’ blueprint for success

Their below-average lineup makes Crew tough to watch at times, but leaning heavily on run prevention for success could pay off

Looking at the May 1 roster reduction for the Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers will have to reduce their active roster to 26 players by the end of April. Let’s look at who could end up off the roster when that happens.

MLB Opening Day: Planning your life around the 2022 Milwaukee Brewers season

It took an extra week, but we’re finally here.

Milwaukee Brewers reliever Devin Williams talks about his season ending injury

Devin Williams missed the postseason after breaking his hand, and The Athletic gets more information on the injury.

Don’t expect the Milwaukee Brewers to extend Corbin Burnes

Not only is Burnes talented enough to gamble on himself, but committing more money to a player they already control may not be in Milwaukee’s best interests.