Luis Cruz plays the race card


Here's a quote from Luis Cruz, passed along by CBS Sports: "The truth is that he [Macha] is very dry, very lethargic, a bit racist…but that’s all passed," Clearly, racism is why he only appeared in seven games in September. The fact that Cruz is a career .253/.290/.375 hitter in the minors had nothing to do with it.



After chapman, this guy is the best international FA since Ichiro. Start saving now Mark. Going to need a posting fee greater than what the Sawx dropped on Dice-k oh, and that guy that called it? That was me.

Miscellaneous Roster Moves


The Brewers on Tuesday declined 2011 contract options for pitchers Trevor Hoffman and Doug Davis and catcher Gregg Zaun, adding all three veterans to the pool of Major League free agents. The team also made two additions on Tuesday, claiming 29-year-old right-handed pitcher Justin James off waivers from the Oakland A's and selecting the contract of catcher Martin Maldonado from Triple-A Nashville. Both James and Maldonado took spots on the 40-man roster.

Joe Cowley - Brewers hire Ron Roenicke

Sources are saying that Brewers have hired Ron Roenicke The timing is right on this, though this would be the 3rd manager "sources" have linked to the Brewers.

Ed Sedar moving on


He's going to be the Astros' minor League outfield/baserunning Instructor. h/t Nicole

Jon Bois says baseball fans should embrace the NBA


My dislike for NBA basketball is well-documented, but I know that some of you like fact, it's one of the top off-topic conversation starters on the site. I'd be curious to hear what some of the NBA fans among us think of this story.

Official Elias Rankings Out


I think the only Brewer on it is Trevor Hoffman, who's a type B. So no surprises, really.

"There has been no conversation about a contract with your team. Not one word has been mentioned to...


"There has been no conversation about a contract with your team. Not one word has been mentioned to me and I have not mentioned to anyone there about a contract."

Bobby Valentine, via Tom Haudricourt So, I guess all we know at this point is that we don't know.

Agreement reached with Valentine?


"Bill Scott of Wisconsin Radio Network says Brewers have agreement in principle with Bobby Valentine to be manager. I'm looking into it." edit: Haudricourt's looking into it. Not me, I'd get too angry.

ESPN insider for just $3!


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