Kevin Goldstein: Great Leap Forward


Scouts now have little trouble getting past catcher Angel Salome's downright strange five-foot-seven, 200-pound frame after he put together a .360/.415/.559 line at Double-A Hunstville. Beyond the outstanding offense, he also made defensive improvements behind the plate, showing more mobility, and improved accuracy on his throws. Runner-up: Outfielder Michael Brantley continued to produce at the upper levels of the system, batting .319/.395/.398 at Huntsville while showing a good approach and plus speed out of the leadoff slot. His defense still needs work.

Flat Brew


Here is your piping hot thimble of suds. Not good times. Not good times at all.

Cubs/Astros series to be moved to Miller Park?


Adam McCalvy has an article posted saying that Miller Park might be the destination for the Cubs and Astros for the games they're supposed to play in Houston during Hurricane Ike. Seems like it would be a bad deal for Houston, who would lose 3 critical home games to what would certainly be a Cub-fan majority in Milwaukee. It's acknowledged that Milwaukee was initially ruled out, but apparently there aren't any better domed options available. For what it's worth, a member 'broke' the story about 2 and a half hours ago. Also in that thread is the conundrum of what you root for- as one poster points out, you can't root for an asteroid now, because it's our park.

New MLBtv feature


Here is an article I was quoted in from MLB's website. It sounds like I should have been paid for my advertising for MLBtv!

At Home With the Huntsville Stars


An interview with Buck Rogers, GM of the Stars. No prospect talk, just promotions.

That sucked, so here's something that doesn't.


That sucked, so here's something that doesn't.

Take Part in the Great Baseball Flip Off


Down at the very bottom of is a poll: "Pick heads or tails for Friday's playoff scenario coin flip. The Brewers will go with the majority pick." Make your choice, Brewer fans! Heads has an early 54%-46% lead as I post this, but there's still time for those who prefer tails to turn the tide.

Holy crap! Emotion!


Holy crap! Emotion!