CBA Fail.


We won't know until we see the actual CBA if Heyman is (gasp!) wrong, but if he's right, this pretty much sounds like a horrible idea. No hard slotting system with the draft, in spite of ownership's burning desire to get one, AND a relaxed compensation system for departing free agents. I've been disappointed for about 17 years in Bud Selig's legendary ability to build consensus somehow (!) failing to actually level the playing field in the MLB, but now it sounds like he's actually making things worse. If this is true, let me be among the first to say "thanks for nothing, Bud."

Cardinals name Mike Matheny manager


The former Brewer has no managerial experience and has never coached in the majors. It's an interesting decision.

Wilson Ramos Rescued From Abductors


Thank goodness. Glad to see him out of harm's way and safe again.

Phillies reportedly acquire Papelbon for 4-year, $50 million deal


In the first big move of the off season, sure seems like a lot for a reliever. Keith Law says it is a bad move. (Need ESPN Insider to view preceding link)

Jamey Carroll near deal to unknown team (Update +1)


Update 12:50: Minnesota Twins have had recent disussions with Jamey Carroll ( for more) Even though the Brewers aren't listed as finalists, but knowing Doug Melvin I would not be surprised if they are the unknown team. Brewers fans, would you want Carroll on a two-year deal?

Wilson Ramos Kidnapped


The link goes to his VWL baseball team's twitter feed. It translates to: Unfortunately the news of the hijacking was confirmed Wilson Ramos, allegedly the same thing happened at his home in Valencia ... Hope he's OK, but this goes down as very strange.

In Which Idiocy Is Met With Delusion ...


Melvin has spoken with Betancourt's agent about re-signing the player for less than the $6 million his option called for, and was told Betancourt intends to gauge the market.

Today's Mug is going to be a little late.


Kyle is out after a root canal today and I'm taking over but am running a bit late. It will be up before 1:00, I promise. In the meantime, this link takes you to a video of a sleep-walking dog.

Brewers History


There are some interesting reflections on Ted Simmons at the bottom of this interview with Bob McClure. - TL

John Axford cameo in Rushmore (1998)!


I'm told Yuniesky Betancourt had a bit part in The Royal Tenenbaums but I'm still working on confirming that.