In Which Idiocy Is Met With Delusion ...


Melvin has spoken with Betancourt's agent about re-signing the player for less than the $6 million his option called for, and was told Betancourt intends to gauge the market.

Today's Mug is going to be a little late.


Kyle is out after a root canal today and I'm taking over but am running a bit late. It will be up before 1:00, I promise. In the meantime, this link takes you to a video of a sleep-walking dog.

Brewers History


There are some interesting reflections on Ted Simmons at the bottom of this interview with Bob McClure. - TL

John Axford cameo in Rushmore (1998)!


I'm told Yuniesky Betancourt had a bit part in The Royal Tenenbaums but I'm still working on confirming that.

Full Brewer coaching staff invited back for 2012


Dale Sveum, of course, will only be back if he doesn't get the managerial job in Boston or Chicago.

hearing #brewers believe they have almost no hope for prince and are now targeting jose reyes


hearing #brewers believe they have almost no hope for prince and are now targeting jose reyes

Jon Heyman, via Twitter I have a hard time believing they have much hope for Reyes either, but maybe they'll drive the price up for someone else.

Royals Trade Cabrera to Giants for Two LHPs


Why does this matter? Lorenzo Cain is finally going to play CF for the Royals. - TL

I know we're not signing Reyes, but neither are the Mets.


The Mets have been prepping their fans for losing Reyes for days now via leaks regarding how much money he's going to get. If they're laying off scouts and business side employees, it's hard to imagine them plunking down a 9 figures for Reyes' new deal... As an aside, I'm a little surprised over the lack of rumors regarding the "big 3" position players in the first couple of days of free agency....

Brewers hire Rangers instructor Andy Pratt


He'll serve as a pro scout in the Brewer organization. H/t MLBTR