Watch players recite the Field of Dreams speech


Featuring Carlos Gomez, representing the Brewers.

The battery is taking shots at each other on twitter.


The folks behind the Brewers Social Media are doing some dumb snowball fight thing. Basically a high-tech version of 1997 AOL "Tag, You're it!" E-Mails. But it did produce a couple of good jabs between battery mates. Lohse tagged Lucroy with the above video, who got in a gem of a response:

@KyleLohse26 I think that's the hardest you have ever thrown!

— Jonathan Lucroy (@JLucroy20) February 11, 2015

Kyle is a good sport though:

.@JLucroy20 I was in the league 10yrs before you came up bud. Used to throw hard, but..... I forgot what I was gonna say. #OldGuyProblems

— Kyle Lohse (@KyleLohse26) February 11, 2015

Martin Maldonado wouldn't be left out and decided he had to pile on:

@KyleLohse26 @JLucroy20 that was a better throw than luc's throwing to second

— Martin Maldonado (@Machete1224) February 11, 2015

EDIT: Those are all supposed to be tweets, and not ugly blocks of text. If anyone knows how to fix this mess, I'd appreciate the help. Here's the link to the original chain.



This is the first time I've been happy about baseball in months.

Carlos Gomez receives a package


Perhaps not what he was expecting

Marcus Hanel has weird eating habits


Brewers bullpen catcher Marcus Hanel is eating...uhhh...I think it's whipped cream and banana on top of a piece of toast topped with a whole crunch bar? I don't know if this is genius or...?

Carlos Gomez interviewed by a 13-year-old cancer patient


Please speculate on what the craziest thing Carlos Gomez has done in the clubhouse actually is.

This is how Carlos Gomez doOOOoooOOOO


Carlos Gomez at #BrewersSocial

Would you wear this shirt?


I would not wear this shirt.