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Home Stretch Hangouts

Brew Crew Ball meet-up set for September 1st at Miller Park

Let’s all go see a game!

Home Stretch Hangout #17: Opening The Year

Our recurring spring training video feature stretches into the regular season today as we talk Brewers with Justin Hull of 95.3 FM WSCO.

Home Stretch Hangout #16: Lamenting Lohse

Justin Hull and I talked about bad decisions today.

Hangout #15: Talking Pirates With Charlie Wilmoth

Today our daily web feature takes a look at the Pirates as part of our NL Central preview.

Home Stretch Hangout #14: All About Aoki

Today our daily video feature moves to right field to discuss one of 2012's breakout stars.

Home Stretch Hangout #13: The World Brewer Classic

We talked Brewers in the WBC today as part of our daily video feature.

Hangout #12: Talking Cardinals With Bill Pollock

NL Central Preview Thursday starts today with a conversation with Bill Pollock of Missouri Net Radio Sports.

Home Stretch Hangout #11: Mourning The Astros

Our daily video feature for today features a conversation on the Astros' departure from the NL Central and how it impacts the division going forward.

Home Stretch Hangout #10: Going Over Gomez

We're talking about the free agent-to-be centerfielder in today's daily video feature.

Home Stretch Hangout #9: Catching Up On Catchers

Jonathan Lucroy, Martin Maldonado and the other catchers in camp are the subject of today's daily video feature.

Home Stretch Hangout #8: On Jean Segura

Our daily video series continues today with a conversation on the Brewers' young shortstop.

Hangout #7: Fiers, Estrada And Something To Prove

Marco Estrada and Mike Fiers, scheduled to pitch Friday and Saturday, could be the #2 and 3 starters in the 2013 rotation, but both also have a lot to prove. Justin Hull and I discussed them in today's daily video feature.

Wed's Hangout: Talking Rickie Weeks

Justin Hull and I talked second base today in our daily video feature.

Tuesday's Home Stretch Hangout: Roster Redux

In our daily video feature Kyle and Justin talk about new additions to the 2013 roster and spots yet to be decided.

Monday's Home Stretch Hangout: So What Now At 1B?

Our daily video feature takes a look at what today means for Mat Gamel, and what the Brewers can do now.

Friday's Hangout: Talking Braun With Jack Moore

Our daily spring training video feature continues today with a conversation with Jack Moore about Ryan Braun and fair expectations for his 2013 season.

Take The Over On Thursday's Home Stretch Hangout

We're asking if this Brewer team can win 80 games in our daily spring training chat.

Home Stretch Hangout: Talking Yovani Gallardo

Justin Hull from 95.3 WSCO in Appleton and I sat down for a moment today for the first entry in our spring training daily video feature.


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