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Brew Crew Blasts #5: Lucroy's response

This home run needs no introduction.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images
#5: Jonathan Lucroy, June 17 @ Arizona Diamondbacks

Most of you didn't need to read beyond the headline to know what home run this post is about. This one is engrained in the minds of many Brewers fans. The community discussed it extensively during the game and after the game, and it got a response from Noah afterwards. Many fans consider this one of the best games of the season.

For those of you who don't remember or didn't watch this game, here's what happened leading up to this at-bat. With runners at second and third and one out in the top of the seventh inning, Ryan Braun stepped up to the plate. Here's what happened:

After throwing a pitch behind Braun and receiving a warning, Evan Marshall hit Braun right in the hip with his next pitch and was ejected. Marshall left to a standing ovation and hi-fives from the dugout, while Braun took first base. After the game, the claim was that it wasn't intentional, but based on the reactions of everyone, it looked like it was.

What this left the Brewers with was the bases loaded with one out, and Brad Ziegler coming out to pitch. The first batter he faced was Jonathan Lucroy, who had already hit a home run earlier in the game. On the first pitch, he made his response to the Diamondbacks known.

If there was ever a way to answer for one of your guys getting hit, this was it. A 445 foot grand slam will make pitchers think twice about putting on that extra base runner. It's a new definition for providing protection in a batting order.

While that may have been the most satisfying home run of 2014, it wasn't the longest one hit by a Brewer. We still have four more to go.

Date Player Opponent Distance Article
5 June 7 Jonathan Lucroy Arizona Diamondbacks 445 Feet
6 August 6 Carlos Gomez San Francisco Giants 443 Feet Link
7 June 16 Scooter Gennett Arizona Diamondbacks 441 Feet Link
8 May 10 Carlos Gomez New York Yankees 439 Feet Link
9 May 26 Khris Davis Baltimore Orioles 439 Feet Link
10 April 21 Aramis Ramirez San Diego Padres 439 Feet Link

All stats from ESPN Home Run Tracker.