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Brew Crew Blasts #4: Ramirez goes deep at Coors Field

Aramis Ramirez may have been lucky with his first home run hit in this series, but his second was much more legitimate.

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
#4: Aramis Ramirez, June 22 @ Colorado Rockies

Earlier this week, in the lucky home runs post, I mentioned three home runs hit at Coors Field that qualified as lucky home runs due to the environmental factors there. One of those was hit by Aramis Ramirez, and it was a home run that only left the ballpark because of the conditions on that day. It wasn't the only home run that Ramirez hit during that series, though. In the final game of the series, against Tyler Matzek, Aramis Ramirez had a much bigger home run.

There's nothing lucky about that home run. It traveled 446 feet and cleared the park without any issues. While it did gain 26 feet due to the temperature and altitude, it still would have been a home run in any ballpark.

This leaves us with the longest three home runs of 2014. Check back next week to find out which three traveled even farther than this one.

Date Player Opponent Distance Article
4 June 22 Aramis Ramirez Colorado Rockies 446 Feet
5 June 7 Jonathan Lucroy Arizona Diamondbacks 445 Feet Link
6 August 6 Carlos Gomez San Francisco Giants 443 Feet Link
7 June 16 Scooter Gennett Arizona Diamondbacks 441 Feet Link
8 May 10 Carlos Gomez New York Yankees 439 Feet Link
9 May 26 Khris Davis Baltimore Orioles 439 Feet Link
10 April 21 Aramis Ramirez San Diego Padres 439 Feet Link

All stats from ESPN Home Run Tracker.