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Brew Crew Blasts #10: Ramirez hits a solo shot

We begin our look at the ten longest home runs of 2014 with a solo home run from Aramis Ramirez.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

We are starting a new series today, looking back at the longest home runs from the 2014 season. Each day, we will cover one of the longest home runs from 2014, with some bonus entries mixed in to keep things interesting. Today, we kick things off with the tenth longest home run from 2014.

#10: Aramis Ramirez, April 21 vs. San Diego Padres

Our first entry on the list comes from back in April of last season. In the third inning, the Brewers had already scored two home runs off of Padres starter Andrew Cashner thanks to a Scooter Gennett triple and Ryan Braun sacrifice fly. That brought Aramis Ramirez to the plate, and his home run came on the second pitch.

The home run was Ramirez's third of the season, and it was a monster shot. Recorded at 439 feet, it actually tied for eighth with two other home runs on the list. It was recorded as leaving the bat at 108.6 MPH, and while it cleared the fence easily, it would have only been a home run in 28 of the 30 MLB parks. That's the factor that puts it at tenth in our countdown.

All stats from ESPN Home Run Tracker.