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Brew Crew Blasts #7: Gennett sneaks one out

Scooter Gennett may be a small guy, but he can put together some big hits. This was one of the biggest of his biggest of the year.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images
#7: Scooter Gennett, June 16 @ Arizona Diamondbacks

Chase Field has some interesting dimensions. In addition to a deep center field, it has a high wall that makes hitting home runs to center a tough task. However, on this day, it would be a little guy that put together a big swing to get one out. In the third inning, Scooter Gennett led off the inning against Brandon McCarthy. On the second pitch of the at-bat, Gennett crushed a splitter out to center field.

The home run measured at a true distance of 441 feet. Despite that, it had just enough distance to clear the fence and get out of the ballpark. It left the bat at 112.6 MPH, but did not get much height, maxing out at 67 feet in the air. However, the swing was enough to get it out of the ballpark on this day.

This was the second longest home run hit by a Brewer at Chase Field in 2014. One home run was longer, and we will have plenty to discuss when that one comes up.

Date Player Opponent Distance Article
7 June 16 Scooter Gennett Arizona Diamondbacks 441 Feet
8 May 10 Carlos Gomez New York Yankees 439 Feet Link
9 May 26 Khris Davis Baltimore Orioles 439 Feet Link
10 April 21 Aramis Ramirez San Diego Padres 439 Feet Link

All stats from ESPN Home Run Tracker.