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Milwaukee Brewers Sporcle

The Thursday Thinker: Know Your 2018 Brewers

How well do you know the 2018 Brewers?

The Tuesday Thinker: Revisiting the Brewers 2011 Postseason roster

How many players do you remember from the Brewers 2011 postseason roster?

An update on Milwaukee Brewers draft picks Brice Turang, Elijah Cabell

First round pick is waiting...

The Thursday Thinker: 2017 Jersey Numbers

Can you pick out all of the jersey numbers for the members of the 2017 Milwaukee Brewers?

The Thursday Thinker: Name Your 2017 Milwaukee Brewers (from Brewer Nation)

It’s time for the yearly quiz, this time from the writer at Brewer Nation.

The Thursday Thinker: Post All-Star Game Rest

It’s been six years since the Brewers had to play on the Thursday following the All-Star Game. Do you remember who played in that last Thursday game?

Quiz: Brewers from peak 20 HR seasons

How much do you remember about Brewer teams that hit lots of home runs?

The Thursday Thinker: Name the 2017 Spring Training Roster

With camp just a few days away, how well do you know this year’s roster?

The Thursday Thinker: Recent trading partners

The Brewers trade with certain teams more often than others. Can you figure out which team belongs to each recent trade?

The Thursday Thinker: The young generation

The youth movement is taking over the Brewers, as most of the 40-man roster players were born in 1990 or later. Can you name all of them?

The Thursday Thinker: The 2016 BCB Top Prospects List

How well do you remember last year’s top prospects list?

The Thursday Thinker: Non-US Born Players

Ten players were born outside of the 50 states. How many do you know?

The Thursday Thinker: Scrambled Names

It’s the moment you’ve been training for.

The Thursday Thinker: Non-Tendered Players

Can you name all of the players who have been non-tendered over the past ten years?

The Thursday Thinker: Revisiting the first basemen since Prince

Three years ago, we did a quiz on first baseman since Prince Fielder. In the three years since, stability has improved but isn’t quite there yet.

The Thursday Thinker: Extending the future

Extensions for young players has been an important part of the Brewers success.

The Thursday Thinker: Opponents by Record

The Brewers played 20 different teams this season. Can you identify each team by the Brewers record against them?

The Thursday Thinker: More than a strikeout an inning

It’s always good to strike out more than one batter an inning.

The Thursday Thinker: Top Prospects

How many of the Brewers top prospects can you name?

The Sunday Sporcle: Climb the Brewers pitching ladder

Can you make your way through this special Brewers themed word ladder?

The Thursday Thinker: Striking out many times

26 Brewers have struck out 120 times in a season. How many can you name?

The Thursday Thinker: Know Your 2016 Brewers

The offseason series is back with the seventh edition of this yearly tradition.

Thursday Thinker: Brewers Spring Training Roster

How well do you know the Brewers roster entering Spring Training?

Thursday Thinker: Saving the Decade

The first Brewers-themed Sporcle quiz of 2016 is a blatant ripoff of an idea I saw elsewhere. Enjoy!

The Thursday Thinker: Repeat All Stars

A couple of recent Brewers departures belong among some pretty elite company.

Thursday Thinker: Top Prospects Past and Present

Can you name the Brewers' brightest (projected) young stars of the last decade?

Thursday Thinker: Brewers in the 2015 Postseason

Can you name the former Brewers who played in the playoffs for their current teams?

The Thursday Thinker: Catchers in the MP Era

Martin Maldonado joined an interesting group in 2015.

The Thursday Thinker: Know your 2015 Brewers

An annual tradition continues with a quiz to see how much you remember from a season to forget.

A Monday Thinker: Name the spring training roster

Get your brain going on this Monday morning with a quiz asking you to name 56 of the players in big league camp.

The Thursday Thinker: Longest tenured pitchers

Before leaving this week, Yovani Gallardo was a member of a pretty select group.

The Thursday Thinker: Highest paid relievers

Can you name the guys who out earn or out earned Zach Duke?