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Milwaukee's Tailgate Podcast

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: Don’t Say Christian Yelich is Back

But we really, really want to say it

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: What can be done to help offense, Luis Urias’ defensive struggles and ranking David Stearns’ trades

It was another frustrating week for the Brewers, and Luis Urias’ struggles have us wondering where that trade ranks in David Stearns’ tenure

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Brewers Podcast: Mark Attanasio Has Great Hair

Episode 166: Tender/Non-Tender decisions and worries about the payroll

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Brewers Podcast: Cool Hair Only Gets You So Far

This week we play yay or nay on the players the Brewers need to make option decisions on after the World Series

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Brewers Podcast: 2020 Season Review Episode

We hand out some team awards and ponder what would be in the One Shining Moment video

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Brewers Podcast: Ray Montgomery is Dwight Schrute

We talk about the Brewers’ brief playoff appearance, Brent Suter’s uncharacteristic struggles, and our favorite Ryan Braun memories

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Brewers Podcast: The Dodgers are a superteam, and whether this season is a success

We look ahead to the Brewers’ improbable playoff series against the Dodgers, and talk about whether a postseason appearance means this year was a success

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Brewers Podcast: Corbin Burnes and the Cy Young, playoff chances, and cannibals

There’s a week left in the Brewers’ regular season, and the gang is feeling good about their chances

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: Craigtember III: Craig’s Revenge

Why Daniel Vogelbach isn’t as bad as he’s looked, whether Corbin Burnes is the ace now, and why we’re still feeling good about the Brewers’ postseason chances

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: Trade Deadline preview, Brewers offense continues to struggle

We take a look at what the Brewers might do at the deadline while taking a closer look at Josh Hader following a rough outing Saturday night

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: Not the Innards

The Brewers bounce back against the Cubs as the offense starts to wake up

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: Jinxing the offense into waking up

Even with offense down across the league, the Brewers have managed to be even worse than that through the first couple weeks

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: Rob Manfred is Leonard Nimoy

Who’s to blame for baseball’s growing coronavirus mess and impressions from the first handful of Brewers games that were actually played

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: Send Me My Head If It’s Decapitated

Baseball is back (for now, at least), and we talk about our first impressions of the 2020 Brewers

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: 2020 Brewers Season Preview, Part 2

Could the Brewers actually be a sneaky favorite in the NL Central?

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: 2020 Brewers Season Preview, Part 1

We (finally) preview the upcoming 2020 season and had to break it up into two parts

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: Prop Bets 2.0

Here’s your chance to make some bets (again) on the 2020 season

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Brewers Podcast: It wasn’t great, but it was something

The Brewers report to Summer Camp, the minor league season is cancelled and Ryan Braun Forever

Milwaukee’s Tailgate Podcast: Miller Park Schvitz


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