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Opening Day Countdown

Opening Day Countdown: Yadiel Rivera #29

Twenty-nine days away. We're in the twenties now people. This is getting serious! So it's fitting that today's topic is some serious defense.

Opening Day Countdown: David Stearns

We're just a month away from real baseball! Wooo! Let's take this time to talk about our young 31 year old GM David Stearns.

Opening Day Countdown: David Goforth #32

We're barely more than a month from real baseball! Lets talk about one of the more intriguing relief prospects the Brewers have.

Opening Day Countdown: Chris Carter #33

The Brewers first spring training game starts today and real baseball is just 33 days away. So let's talk about Chris Carter!

Opening Day Countdown:Aaron Hill turns 34 in March

Opening Day Countdown: Aaron Hill turns 34 in March

Opening Day Countdown: Shane Peterson #35

Thirty-five days until opening day. Tis a paltry span of time! Let us talk about one of my favorite underdogs: Shane Peterson.

Opening Day Countdown: Jonathan Villar's 36 SB

We're a minuscule 36 days from real baseball! And that just so happens to be where I have the over/under on the number of bases Jonathan Villar will steal. It's totally scientific, just don't ask me to show my work.

Opening Day Countdown: Tyler Thornburg #37

Thirty-seven days is nothing! Right? Blergh. Whatever. Let's talk about Tyler Thornburg.

Opening Day Countdown: Wily Peralta #38

New and different way to say we're closer to spring training! Wily Peralta jersey number.

Opening Day Countdown: Chris Capuano #39

We're under 40 days away now. Real baseball in just 39 moons. So let's take a look at former, former Brewers pitcher Chris Capuano.

BCB Community Projects: Fan Post Promotion!

From now on we're going to start promoting Fan Posts more. If you write one, it might get featured on the main page over the weekend!

Opening Day Countdown: The 40-Man Roster

Forty days from now we'll be watching baseball and arguing over which reliever should pitch in what inning. I can't wait! But in the meantime let's take a look at the current iteration of the 40-man roster.

Opening Day Countdown: Jake Elmore #41

Inching, inching, I-N-C-H-I-N-G ever closer to baseball. I mean, 41 days is nothing right? Anyway, Jake Elmore wears #41 so let's talk about the non-roster invitee.

Brewers claim LHP Sean Nolin from Athletics

The lefty was designated to make room for OF Khris Davis. So in a way, that trade becomes a 3-for-1 deal.

Opening Day Countdown: Answer to ultimate question

We're just 42 days away from baseball's regular season opening day. As everyone knows, 42 is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. But...what's the question?

Opening Day Countdown: Lee Tunnell #43

We're only 43 days away from real live baseball. So I though, why not talk about the bullpen coach?

Opening Day Countdown:What the Lind trade tells us

We're just 44 days away from real baseball--fake baseball is much closer at hand--and to celebrate I decided to take a look at the 44th prospect on my personal Brewers prospect list and what he tells us about David Stearns.

BCB Mailbag #13: Mailbag reports to spring training

Woo! Mailbag! I answered a bunch of your questions. So you better ask more!

Spring training starts soon and we can watch on TV

We're 12 days away from the first spring training game and just 18 days away from being able to watch one on television. Real baseball won't be that far behind!

Opening Day Countdown: Tyler Cravy #45

Forty-five days isn't that long right? Speaking of long, Tyler Cravy has a chance to break spring training with the Brewers as their long reliever.

Opening Day Countdown: Corey Knebel #46

We're almost starting to get to the point where we're nearly close enough to real baseball for me to begin to get legitimately excited for baseball. To celebrate let's take a look at the closer of the next great Brewers team.

Opening Day Countdown: Adrian Houser #47

We are a mere and insignificant 47 days away from sweet, beautiful, regular season baseball. To celebrate this momentous occasion let's take a look at another pitcher I may have initially underestimated!

Opening Day Countdown: 0.048 AVG

We're a mere 48 days away from regular season baseball. SO CLOSE! To celebrate let's sort--but not really--talk about a player that produced a .048 batting average for the Brewers.

Opening Day Countdown: Ryan Braun's arm

We're less than fifty days away from baseball! To celebrate let's look at Ryan Braun's arm. What? That doesn't make sense to you?

Opening Day Countdown: Yhonathan Barrios #50

The Brewers first mid-season trade last year brought in reliever Yhonathan Barrios, who might factor into this year's major league bullpen.

Opening Day Countdown: Cesar Jimenez #51

Just 51 days and this countdown will be over! But more importantly, we'll be watching live baseball! To celebrate we'll take a look at a lefty who wears jersey number 51.

Opening Day Countdown: Jimmy Nelson #52

We're just a regular deck of playing cards away from opening day. To celebrate we're going to take a look at number 52 jersey wearing Jimmy Nelson.

Opening Day Countdown: Maldonado's 53 wRC+

MLB's opening day is so close I can almost taste it. Which would be weird now that I think about it. Anyway, to celebrate being just 53 days away we're going to look at Martin Maldonado's 53 wRC+ from 2015.

Brewers in Keith Law's Top 5 farm systems

Just more proof the future is bright.

Opening Day Countdown: Michael Blazek #54

Today we take a look at one of the times I was definitely, completely, entirely, wholly wrong about a player. Oh, and 54 days away yada yada, Blazek wears jersey number 54.

The Gurriels are coming to Major League Baseball

Stateside international baseball fans have been waiting for this moment for years!

Opening Day Countdown: Victor Roache and OF Depth

We're only 55 days from baseball so lets talk about Victor Roache and outfield depth.


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