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Minor League Splits Database Home Page

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THE MINOR LEAGUE SPLITS DATABASE HAS MOVED! Click here for the new page. The last update on the BrewCrewBall-hosted pages is through games of July 7th. The new page will continue to be updated every day and already contains a few great new features that you can't find here. Check it out!


Welcome to the Minor League Splits Database! The MLSD currently tracks all affiliated Minor Leagues and keeps play-by-play logs of all 2006 Minor League games to date. These logs make possible a much greater range of situational statistics than have ever before been available, including lefty-righty splits, home/road splits, batted-ball data, and statistics specific to certain base/out situations.

If this is your first visit to the MLSD, you may want to get a better idea of what's going on here. For starters, check out the stat table for Nashville Sounds super-utility man Vinny Rottino. From there, you can check out the glossary of statistics for any you're unfamiliar with. To see an example of pitching data, try Milwaukee prospect Zach Jackson.

NEW! (6/25) Venezuelan Summer League Stats! I haven't completely integrated them into the site you see here because I'm shifting everything to a new platform very soon. However, you can find all the data easily from this player listing page. I apologize for the handful of broken links and the lack of roster pages, but I hope you find imperfect VZL splits better than none at all!

Finding a player's split stats

There are number of ways to find the players you're looking for:

New Features and Updates

I will be rolling out a variety of additions to the site over the next few months. I will post notices of those new features on my main blog. Click here for the most recent updates. Those posts also keep you posted on how recently the database has been brought up to date.


Where do you get this data? The Minor League Baseball official site publishes game logs of every Minor League game. I wrote a program to parse those logs into something that closely resembles Retrosheet game logs. I wrote another program to generate these stat tables from those game logs.

Why aren't the stats more up-to-date? First of all, it takes me a decent amount of time to collect the game logs, process them, and put the results online. For the time being, my plan is to update one level per day. In addition, the MiLB official site occasionally updates game logs a day or two after the fact to reflect offical scorer changes and the like. For the reason, I never process game logs less than three days old.

Can I help? Yes, but not just yet. I really appreciate the offers of help I've already received, and eventually I would be thrilled to have the volunteers so that I could shift my energies away from collecting the data and toward making this site more extensive.

Can you send me a spreadsheet of your data? I'm sorry, no. For one thing, I don't even have it organized that way--or in any one singly accessible way other than what you see here. At some point in the future--probably after the season ends--I may make the game logs available for other researchers.

Why don't you include ERA? With split stats, ERA is somewhat nonsensical. Earned runs are usually the result of a series of plays (for example: single, sac bunt, stolen base, RBI single), while split stats break down to the at-bat level. Also, earned runs are determined partially by the decision of the official scorer--something not included in the game logs. It would add a great deal of work for me to track those.

Do you track defensive data? For the most part, yes. Occasionally the game logs do not include defensive data for a few plays, and there are also a few types of plays that my program doesn't yet fully parse. (Mostly pickoff moves and errors on pickoff moves, and rundowns where at least four fielders handle the ball.) Eventually I'll extract some sort of defensive stats from that, but it's not a high priority at this time.

Why don't you show each player's overall stats? See this update for an explanation.

What's next for the MLSD?

I'm not putting a deadline on any of these things, since every aspect of this project that I've completed so far has taken longer than I anticipated. But you can look forward to at least some of the following:

  • Player stats adjusted for park

  • Major League Equivalency stats for all players

  • Stats separated by lineup position and defensive position

  • Further separation of base- and out-situations

  • Links from each player's stat table to the stats they've accumulated for other minor league teams

  • The ability to view a player's cumulative statistics across various Minor League levels

  • The ability to view a log of each game a player was in, and how they performed in those games

  • Batted-ball data extended to include where each batted ball went. Nothing too specific, unfortunately, but enough to differentiate between "pull" hitters and "inside-out" hitters, and their counterparts on the mound.

  • And much more...really, whatever I can dream up that's within the realm of my programming capabilities.

    [Minor League teams by Major League affiliate]
    [Minor League teams by league]
    [Minor League teams listed alphabetically]
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