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Prince Fielder Tributes

A collection of posts written during "Prince Week."

Fielder’s biggest moments as a Brewer (in video form)

Let’s take a look at some of Prince Fielder’s biggest moments as a Brewer with videos of those moments.

Ryan Braun or Prince Fielder

The Brewers faced choices with their superstars in 2011

Prince Fielder’s place in Brewers history

Prince Fielder’s impact in Milwaukee can be seen from the record books to the fans still coming to the ballpark every day.

Growing Up With and Saying Goodbye To Prince Fielder

Coming to terms with Prince Fielder leaving, after ten years of him being in the Milwaukee Brewers organization.

Prince Week Finale: Looking At The Impact On Ryan Braun

Prince Week: Replacing Prince Fielder

Due to some weak spots in 2011, replacing Prince Fielder's production might not be as difficult as you think.

Prince Week: A Guest Appearance From Jon Loomer of

Comparing the Milwaukee Brewers careers of Prince Fielder and Cecil Cooper.

Prince Week: A Guest Appearance From Larry Granillo Of Baseball Prospectus

Prince Week: A Guest Appearance From Plunk Everyone

Prince Week: Prince Fielder Prospect Retrospective With John Sickels Of Minor League Ball

Prince Fielder Prospect Retrospective by John Sickels of Minor League Ball

Introducing Prince Week: Special Guest Chris Mehring Of Rattler Radio