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What We Learned

A daily review of links from around the web.

What We Learned: Winter Meetings start with some smaller moves

What We Learned: Non-tender deadline approaches

The deadline to tender players contracts is today, and several Brewers could be gone by the end of the day.

What We Learned: Brewers new uniforms are a big hit

What We Learned: Yelich runner-up MVP

Christian Yelich just missed the MVP award, finishing second in the voting.

What We Learned: Looking at the free agency options

Though the Brewers haven’t decided much yet this offseason, there’s a lot of options to consider.

What We Learned: Offseason kicks off with option decisions

The Brewers started their offseason with some roster decisions.

What We Learned: Covering the top players

Profiles for the top players in the organization have started.

What We Learned: Tough decisions loom this offseason

Several decisions loom this offseason as the Brewers have to make some tough payroll choices.

What We Learned: Starting to look at the best players of the season

The after season polls have started with the initial votes.

What We Learned: After season planning begins

The Brewers have entered their planning stage of the year following the end of the season.

What We Learned: Season ends in heartbreak

The Brewers led for most of the Wild Card Game, but a late rally by the Nationals ended the season.

What We Learned: Weekend set of losses send Brewers to Wild Card game

The Brewers are preparing for the Wild Card game, set to take place tomorrow.

What We Learned: One series remains

It comes down to a series against the Rockies, with many scenarios in play.

What We Learned: Postseason clinching roundup

The Brewers are back in the postseason. Let’s look at some of the coverage from around the web.

What We Learned: Just one to go

The champagne is on ice and ready for the Brewers if they clinch tonight.

What We Learned: Off to Cincinnati to start final week

With the Brewers on the brink of the playoffs, they start a three-game series in Cincinnati.

What We Learned: Brewers go from Wild Card tie to commanding lead

A weekend sweep of the Pirates and a Cubs losing streak has put the Brewers in a commanding position for a playoff spot.

What We Learned: Brewers continue hot September

The Brewers continue to surge as the Pirates come to town.

What We Learned: Bad bounce and quiet offense looms in loss

The Brewers took a loss last night when their offense couldn’t get going, including a bad bonuce.

What We Learned: Winning streak up to 4 straight, 11 of 12

The Brewers surge continues as they continue against the Padres.

What We Learned: Surging Brewers take critical series win

The Brewers got a critical series win against the Cardinals.

What We Learned: Final series against Cardinals this weekend

The Brewers have their last series against a winning team this weekend against the Cardinals.

What We Learned: Brewers start off strong against Marlins

The Brewers got a win to open their series against the Marlins.

What We Learned: Series win keeps playoff hopes alive

A season series win over the Cubs keeps the Brewers hopes for the playoffs going for now.

What We Learned: Brewers series vs. Cubs starts rough

In a critical series against the Cubs, the Brewers started off weak with a loss.

What We Learned: Split with Astros before critical Cubs series

The Brewers managed to split with the Astros as a critical series against the Cubs is on the horizon.

What We Learned: Extra inning loss on Labor Day

The Brewers took a Labor Day loss despite a late comeback yesterday.

What We Learned: September call-ups arrive

The September call-ups arrive, and a long-time Brewer is gone.

What We Learned: Weekend afternoons in Chicago

It’s a weekend of games against the Cubs as the push for a playoff spot continues.

What We Learned: Brewers salvage one at home

The gap in the NL Central is growing, though the Brewers managed to get one win against the Cardinals.

What We Learned: Critical stretch starts with a whimper

The Brewers got blown out yesterday as they started a critical stretch of the season.

What We Learned: Back home to face Diamondbacks

The Brewers and Diamondbacks face off at home to start the next homestand.


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